Sunday, March 27, 2011

The Weekend is Almost Over *Sigh*

I sure wish weekends didn't go so fast.

This morning G had to go tend to some work stuff - he started his own company about a year ago - so I'm just taking it easy, curling up on the couch with my little dog and reading a book because the weather sucks but it's really beautiful out.

Yesterday I went to my parents place to visit my dad and to make them a healthy supper. He seems to be doing pretty good, he hasn't gained any weight back but nor has he lost anymore.

This past week was his week off chemo so he's had a better week this week but tomorrow he's back on chemo for another two weeks. I really hope he's not getting discouraged though because he made a comment to me yesterday that makes me think that he's not as positive as he was at the start of his chemo three weeks ago. I do believe that he is reevaluating some things, which could be a good thing because he's picking up the things he use to love to do many, many years ago and doing them again but he's also been fixing things too so I'm not too sure what that all about.

Right now he's been getting back into building his model boats - very time consuming but they look awesome!! He also loves playing around with his model trains but he doesn't have them set up in this house so he decided one night this last week that he's going to set them up again. I think he finds it relaxing and I'd imagine that it gets his mind off of everything.

As for me, AF hasn't been very nice to me lately. She came on the 10th and now she's back again. I think it's because when I did my last FET my RE moved her up from the end of the month to the beginning so I think I'm going to go back on BCP. This way I can regulate her and hopefully control my endo a little. Should I call my RE and tell him, probably, but I think I would just be wasting time waiting to hear back from him only to hear that he wants to put me on BCP... Or should I call my new RE at ORM to see what I should do, gosh I don't know, if anyone wants to comment please do so. I'm open to any suggestions.


  1. Hi Hopeful 1! I'm glad you found me too, I'm a follower of your blog (margoo5). I think you should call your new RE at ORM to let them know about AF. That's what I did when my AF came after my BFN. They put me on BCP's right away and now I have a timetable already for my donor cycle. When is your consult with ORM? That's exciting!

  2. Thanks so much MVic, I took your advice and e-mailed ORM. I'll wait and see what they have to say, should be tomorrow sometime. Thanks for following me too and for letting me know that margoo5 is you. :) Good luck with your journey, I'm so happy that it was able to move so quickly for you.

  3. I'd vote for contacting ORM too. They might have a particular type of BCP that they prefer.

  4. Silverdollar!!! Yay it's so nice to see all my girls on here. That's true about too about the BCP. Hopefully they'll get back to me sometime this morning.


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