Saturday, July 16, 2011

Donor #4176

We FINALLY found our donor and signed the confirmation papers yesterday. I was starting to get really discouraged after our first pick decided to only cycle once and our second pick, who was not proven, never called the clinic back to schedule her baseline - that to me was a no brainier so we just didn't even go there. I think the wait paid off though because I'm super happy to have found this donor.

She is a proven donor who has cycled twice before who just called the clinic to get reactivated on their donor list and she had absolutely phenomenal numbers. Her first cycle produced 43 eggs / 30 embryos / 15 frozen and her second cycle produced 46 eggs / 35 embryos / 17 frozen. I just pray that we get a similar amount when she cycles with us. I think it's about time we caught a break.

Hopefully when I go for my mock cycle lining check and trial transfer this Monday all goes well and we can get things underway with the donor. I'm hopping within the next few months we'll be back in Portland for the real thing. Yayyy!

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

And We're Off To Portland!

Last night was my first shot that got the mock cycle under way. It was my very first IM shot in the buttocks. I have to say, I was sooo scared I seriously did the ugly cry and it was in front of my mother in-law to boot! She was really great though, she had tons of patients with me and even put up with me making her watch a video first - she use to be a nurse and obviously knows how to give needles but I just couldn't move forward. :)

So I lie on the bed, I'm freaked right out, she's talking to me and then she said she was done. I DIDN'T EVEN FEEL A THING! How embarrassing. Oh well, now I know and it won't be such a big deal for Thursday's shot.

I booked our fight and hotel this morning, we're going to be staying at the Inn at Northrup Station. I heard that its a nice place to stay so if it works outs we'll stay there for the real cycle.

Does anyone have any advice on things to do and places to visit while we're there? Oh and can't forget the clothes shopping, are there any good places that are a must go see?

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