Tuesday, July 5, 2011

And We're Off To Portland!

Last night was my first shot that got the mock cycle under way. It was my very first IM shot in the buttocks. I have to say, I was sooo scared I seriously did the ugly cry and it was in front of my mother in-law to boot! She was really great though, she had tons of patients with me and even put up with me making her watch a video first - she use to be a nurse and obviously knows how to give needles but I just couldn't move forward. :)

So I lie on the bed, I'm freaked right out, she's talking to me and then she said she was done. I DIDN'T EVEN FEEL A THING! How embarrassing. Oh well, now I know and it won't be such a big deal for Thursday's shot.

I booked our fight and hotel this morning, we're going to be staying at the Inn at Northrup Station. I heard that its a nice place to stay so if it works outs we'll stay there for the real cycle.

Does anyone have any advice on things to do and places to visit while we're there? Oh and can't forget the clothes shopping, are there any good places that are a must go see?

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  1. Congrats on getting the first shot out of the way! I've still never had to do any in the butt/muscle. I think I'd be freaking a bit too if someone else had to give me the shot. I prefer to do them all on my own.

    I wish I could tell you what to see and do in Portland, but I'm a southern Oregon coast girl and not a big city girl. Sorry. I do know there is tons to see and do (check out the city's website), I'm sure you'll find something.

  2. I was terrified about my first IM shot as well and was surprised when I didn't feel a thing! Glad things are moving along for you!

  3. All the best in Portland ...my best friend is there right now and raved about her "Painted Lady Bed and Breakfast". Have fun shopping and good luck with your mock cycle!

  4. Hi! There are so many things to do here (dependent on how long you will be in town). At the very least, you can spend time shopping on NW 23rd Ave (right around the corner from the clinic). If you keep going up 23rd (which is actually south), there is a steady stream of shops, restaurants, etc. Also, if you like to read, you must go to Powell's City of Books (10th and Burnside). It is adjacent to the Pearl district which has lots of fun galleries and shopping. Treat yourself to a nice dinner at Clyde Common (also downtown and close to Powell's). And that's just the west side! On the east side, head to N Mississippi District, NE Alberta or SE Hawthorne, all of which are long streets filled w/ goodies and each with their own flavor. IF you have more time, it's worth taking a little drive out the columbia gorge along the old hghway to see all the waterfalls and vistas. It's beautiful... Enjoy!

  5. I'm your newest follower, a little late from ICLW in May! I've never been to portland but everyone I know who has brags about how great it is!


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