Saturday, June 25, 2011

Another Year Older

Today we're having G's family over to celebrate my birthday, which was actually on June 15th but last weekend we celebrated it with my family. So today is a day of cleaning the house and getting things ready for them to come over. It should be a good day, weather seems to be good so far so we may just be able to have it outside yay!

So another year older and no closer to our dream. I have to say that since TTC, the years have just flown by. Makes me sad, I always wanted to have a baby by 30 but that's just not the case. Here's to hoping that this will be our year so I don't have to go through another childless birthday.

The nurse at ORM finally got back to me yesterday. She said that they don't feel they need to do anything at this time with the 3cm endometrioma that I have on my right ovary. She also got the Doppler results and said that my levels are a little higher then they would like to see - they would prefer to have them below 3 and my levels are 3.94 on the right and 3.2 on the left. Consequently, they would like me to do some acupuncture prior to my cycle. I'll have to ask but I'm not too sure if they want that done before the mock cycle or just for actual cycle. Just another appointment that I have to fill my already busy days...

I'm really overwhelmed with things and now to top it off I only have 4 more days of BCP before I to make a decision to do the mock cycle this coming month or next month. A part of me wants to just get it over with but the other part of me just needs a break; or it could be that I'm secretly freaked right out of the Delestrogen shot I have to do on cycle day 2 and every third day after that. I've never done intramuscular shots before.

Well I'm off to help G get things ready for my birthday party.


  1. So sorry your feeling blue. I also always said I would have my first child by 30, so I understand. With your decision, follow your heart. Only you know what is best and what impact the decision will have on you. Here's hoping you have a wonderful birthday party that takes your mind far away from this TTC world!

  2. I too wanted to have a baby by the time I was 30... My Bday is in Sept so I still 3 months to hopefully get the best gift :(

    Anywho.. Happy belated Bday to you. I hope and pray this year brings you nothing but positive things. Big hugs to you. Enjoy your weekend =)

  3. I'm about to be 30 in 2 months as well.. no BFP for me either. Hoping 31 is the new 30, though :)

    I hope you find some peace with how you want this cycle to go. It's so hard to make a decision that prolongs Doing something for an entire cycle, but sometimes that's what our body needs. *hug* Hang in there.

    ICLW #80

  4. Coordinating everything for a cycle can be super overwhelming, especially an out of country cycle. Hang in there - there are good days and then not so good days. Don't worry too much about the IM shots - they're not bad from my experience. Happy belated b-day!

  5. If you really need a break take it. Its important to go into a cycle with the best frame of mind possible, since its so stressful. I did six IVFs before having my 35. Wished it was sooner, but once it happens, those long suffering years will be forgotten and life starts anew. Hope you get your bday wish.
    ICLW #118

  6. I definitely vote for a break. Infertility is so stressful and a break will do wonders for your mental health. Good luck and I hope you have success soon.

    ICLW #10

  7. I think sometimes you have to listen to your gut instinct. If your gut is telling you to take a break, take one. One more month might just be what you need to get into the right frame of mind before this upcoming cycle.

    I hope all goes well

    Happy ICLW!


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