Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Happy IComLeavWe!!

It's that time again, Happy IComLeavWe!! This is my second time joining ICLW and I'm so glad I did!!

Not too much is new, still on BCP - I think I have 9 more days to go - then I think I may start the mock cycle. I'm not too sure though, I've just been feeling kind of off lately. My stomach hasn't been feeling well for the pat 2 weeks, I think it's all the stress that I've been under with my work, my Dad and all this. Hopefully I feel better before finish my pills or I may just wait until next month. :(

Oh and I was able to get my Delestrogen last week, thank goodness!! Early Wednesday morning I went to Customs to get my FedEx release form signed. I was so scared that they wouldn't release it but much to my surprise I actually got a lady with a heart - there is an angle above!! She looked at it and knew right away what it was for and stamped it, I was so shocked. She told me that she tried for 8 years and finally at age 40 she had twins through IVF. I cried, I just couldn't help it. It was the first thing that had actually gone smooth. She gave me her card and said to call when we have more meds come through and she wished me luck and said not to give up. I was so touched. I'm so glad I met her, it made having to go through all that crap with FedEx worth it.

I had my Doppler U/S on Friday, it went well I think but they had no idea what the US clinic was looking for so I was there for like an hour and a half. The only unfortunate part was that my one and only right ovary has a 3cm Endometrioma. I put in a call to the US clinic to see what they want to do about it. I would really like for the clinic here to drain it so it doesn't burst and create more problems but I guess I'll just have to wait and see.


  1. What a blessing that FedEx lady was! You two were meant to cross paths!!!

    FX for your upcoming IVF!

    {visiting from ICLW #53}

  2. I was going to say something similar as Suzy above me! How amazing it was that you two met. Good luck on your upcoming IVF!

  3. Strange how things happen huh? People are brought into our lives in ways we would never imagine! I hope that you don't have any issues with the cyst. I had an endometrioma for my IUI #2- that was a few cm also. I don't know the difference with IVF vs IUI with the cysts though. :/

    Good luck my dear!!!

    Happy ICLW from #52

  4. Hi!

    ICLW #58 stopping by to say hello! It's my first time participating and I'm loving it! I've discovered so many amazing blogs and already made a few friends along the way. Currently my husband and I are pursuing surrogacy in India with an egg donor. Looking forward to following your story!


  5. How wonderful to have someone who understands there to help you out! Good luck with this cycle!

    ICLW #7

  6. Sorry to hear you have been bleeding so much like me. I also have endometriomas on my ovaries from my IVFs and FETs, so frustrating.
    Good luck with everything

  7. Here from ICLW... Thanks for commenting on my blog! You've been through so much and I will definitely be following you, ready for the good news you so deserve :)

    ICLW #103

  8. I had my endometriomas drained at egg retrieval when doing my IVF. They are now back though. I was never told to be careful as they might burst, but I def do not do too much heavy lifting. What I find (sorry TMI alert!) is that I periodically bleed brown fluid and the clinic has told me it is my endometrioma 'leaking'!

  9. What a lovely coincidence. I love it when you do something you're not looking forward to and the person you have to deal with "gets" your situation and helps you in ways you weren't expecting.

    Here via ICLW (my first go round) and I'll be back.

  10. Hi from ICLW
    So glad that you got your meds, i am sure that getting your meds helped a little with the stress hope that you feel better soon.

  11. This is my first time doing ICLW and I am so glad that I made the decision to do it this time. I am finding so many people who's blogs really speak to me and provide me with so much insight to something that I have struggled with silently for so long. Thank you for sharing your experiences. And I was amazed by the woman from customs/fed ex. There really are angels among us!

  12. Hi, I'm here from ICLW and hope that meeting the FedEx lady was a sign of things to come this cycle.. Good luck to you!!!

  13. Hi from ICLW. I'm glad you got your meds, and good luck with your IVF!

  14. Happy ICLW week, I am so glad I found your blog. My husband and I are just starting to explore DE IVF, we are still trying with my eggs but that feels like our next step.
    wishing you tons of luck with this cycle!!! Looking forward to following along with you.
    -cgd #148

  15. *hugs* to a fellow endo sister! Best wishes!


  16. Visiting from ICLW!

    So glad you were able to get your meds, and meet such a helpful person.

    Wishing you all the best with this cycle!

  17. stopping from ICLW

    I know a woman who conceived her first daugter at 43 through IVf after 16 attempts and her twins at 45 after 4 attempts. On top of it all? She was a single mom.

    Good luck!


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