Monday, April 25, 2011

I'm back!

First off I'm super sorry that I've been MIA for the last little while. I've been totally busy with my dad, work and just life in general.

Dad has been as good as can be, he's still on the chemo and thankfully hasn't lost any more weight since the start of it. He's been fluctuating between 187 to 188 so I'm glad for that, but I have to keep bugging him to eat all the time and at the very least to drink his Ensure - he says that food just doesn't taste the same anymore - I feel so bad for him, he was at 200lbs before all of this. Good news though, or bad, depending on how you look at it; we found out that my dad has his 3 month CT scan booked for May 10th. This should tell us if he has been responding to the chemo thus far. If not, I'm not sure what we'll do but I just pray that it's working.

Now my infertility life...

About a week ago I found out my OR date for the Endo Biopsy and the Hysteroscopy has been booked for May 24th but I'm not too sure that date is going to work. I only say that because this last Monday was my last BCP, so if I do the math, next visit from AF should be around the 24th, 25th of May. That sucks! Now I'll have to call the clinic to get them to reschedule... how long will I have to wait now?!?

On the 22nd I had yet another consult, but this time it was with the donor nurse at ORM. It went really well, it was basically just to go over the things that I needed to get done before my DE cycle begins. Like my pending Hysterocopy and Endo Biopsy, a boat load of blood tests, a pap and a Donor Egg Consult with a Psychologist - which my have to be done there. Dr Hesla also would like to do a Mock Cycle, which I'm OK with just because it gives him an opportunity to see how I'll respond to the meds given the fact that my last FET didn't go to well with all the spotting I had. The nurse also said that she would like us to go down to Oregon for the tail end of the mock cycle so that Dr H can check my lining, do a Doppler U/S to see how blood flow is and to do a trial transfer. It sucks to have to spend the money to get there and to stay in a hotel but its the best thing to do. I've been trying ART for over a year now - referral to my clinic in canada 2 1/2 years ago - so its been a long time and I want to make sure things go well and that we have a good chance with this. So no complaining here, even if I have to stick myself with the intramuscular delestrogen injections... OUCH! Not looking forward to those.

Other news, I found out the donor we have chosen had 23 retrieved, 18 mature, and 13 fertilized with her first cycle ever! That to me is some pretty good numbers but we're still waiting to find out how many made it to day 5 so my opinion could change and so could my donor choice. I think I may just e-mail them tomorrow to see. If all goes well I just have to pray to the goddesses that she wants to cycle 2 more times - one with the next couple in line and then with us so FX that she does.

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Could It Be Good Luck Or Bad?

All in all I had a pretty good weekend. Saturday I got my blood results back and all the levels turned out to be good. The nurse thought that even though everything looked good I should still come in to see Dr. W on Tuesday (today).

Sunday was also good, woke up late, lounged on the couch with a coffee for a few hours and then went to get ready to go out to visit G's grandparents. As I'm putting my make-up stuff away I accidentally pushed my make-up mirror of the ledge and it goes crashing into the tub, glass everywhere. Thank goodness it was in the tub, if it would have went on the tile floor I would have had shards of glass everywhere and it would have been h*ll to clean up. I'm praying that me breaking the mirror is not a bad sign but a good sign. A sign that maybe this year I will have broken my bad luck and will finally get that long awaited BFP! One can only hope I guess.

Today I went to the appointment thinking that it was going to be a waste of time because the spotting had finally stopped - Whew! But then ORM pulled through with the e-mail I was waiting for, they finally sent the letter asking Dr. W to do an Endo Biopsy and a hysteroscopy so I printed it off and went to my appointment in hopes that I could get the ball rolling a little quicker. They did send a copy to him but I figured if I went into the appointment with the letter he would book the appointment right away.

I get to RFP and the waiting room was fairly empty so I only had to wait like 10 minutes before they called me back to meet with Dr. W. As the nurse escorts me to the room, opens the door and I walk in to take a seat, just as she's closing the door I noticed the baby bump... Yup, in the fertility clinic. The one place you think that you can, for the most part, be safe from the baby bump of a fertile women. After she left the room my initial thoughts weren't good but then I thought to myself if she comes back I should congratulate her because I'd imagine she probably doesn't hear it much from patients struggling with IF. So when she came back into the room I congratulated her - which made me feel good - and she smiled big then hid her belly and said a quiet thanks and that she tries really hard to hide it. I'm so glad I said something to her, it not only made me feel better but I'm sure it made her feel good too. Its so sad that she has to hide it, but I understand why.

When Dr. W came in I showed him the letter from Dr H and he right away said no problem, went over the risks and the next thing I knew I was signing the consent forms to have the Hysteroscopy and Endo Biopsy done. He said that I should get the call for the appointment date within the next week or so. Guess it finally looks like this could actually be moving along but I won't hold my breath too soon.

Friday, April 8, 2011

Getting Some Blood Work Done!

I'm trying this post from my Blackberry so let's hope this works.

So I guess I'm kind of between clinics, see I had to call RFP because ever since my BFN from my last FET in February AF has been all buggered up and I've had non stop spotting. Yup, you heard that right, ever since February.

10 days ago I decided to put myself on BCP to see if it would stop and nothing changed. So I called the clinic on Wednesday and they finally got back to me today. They want me to go for some blood tests to see why she hasn't stopped yet, thank goodness. So, I'm off to get B/W done. Hopefully I'll get the results tomorrow and we can finally straighten things out.

In other news, I e-mailed the Donor Nurse at ORM yesterday about the donor we would like. I knew she was currently in cycle but who would have thought she would already have another recipient waiting... It turns out we would be third in line - providing she wants to cycle again - which would be around Sept/Oct. The nurse said she'd have to ask her but she wouldn't do that until she's had her retrieval, which should be in 2 - 3 days. After going through it myself 2 times I can't say I would be all that eager to want to do it a third time if I was in her shoes, but ya never know, all one can do is hope.

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Had My Phone Consult with ORM Today

Had my phone consult with Dr Hesla and it went really well, he sounds like such a kind and caring man. Also unlike some other places he really tried to make sure that we didn't have to incur any unnecessary extra costs - could be a good thing but could also be a bad thing, I guess we'll see. Basically he was more then comfortable with allowing us to get the tests he required done here in our home town under my benefits so that was really nice.

He said that given my history he would like to do a mock cycle - which I'm totally fine with - just to see how I would respond and if my lining could produce a triple strip with the meds he wants to put me on. He would also like to get a Hysteroscopy and Endometrial Biopsy done (my RE wouldn't do one) just to check things out. The reason for this is because ever since my last two IVF cycles I have had a lot of continual - sorry TMI - brown spotting. They say that people with Endometriosis are more likly to have continual brown spotting but this is crazy! I mean it was crazy before but for F sakes!! I mean I don't even want to be intimate with G becasue it's so very embarrassing.

I also mentioned the noted hydrosalpinx on the first cycle with RFP and he said that he's going to request my HSG tests from the radiology department down here so that he can take a closer look at it for him self. He doesn't think it should be a problem which is good and then with us getting those other tests done I just feel so much better. I will however have to send him an e-mail asking about my TSH levels, I can't help but to think that my lack of weight loss is due to high levels. FX that's all that problem is because I assure you I'm not eating much at all and when I do it's basically cardboard.

I think we also found our donor, YAY!! - quick I know but I've been looking at their data base for the past month. The only problem is that for the past 2 weeks our donor has been in cycle with another couple. Good news though, is that she was a non proven donor and will now - if all goes well - be a proven donor. Bad news, is that she would be considered a proven donor, which costs more money... oh well, the piece of mind is worth it in the end. I just hope that she wants to cycle again considering this will be her first experience with injections and the dreaded egg retriEVIL. I sure won't miss the retrieval this time around but I'll be getting the pain back in the form of the lovely intramuscular progesterone and possible estrogen shots in the ASS... not looking forward to that.

Monday, April 4, 2011

One More Sleep...

OK, so it's been a long time since I've posted and I have to apologize for that. It's just there really hasn't been much going on lately. This past weekend was a relaxing one - more forced but still relaxing - because it snowed nearly 15cm in a day!

So during my house bound weekend I was able to get our taxes done which brought us a good chunk of money back, YAY!! Thank goodness because we spent a crap load of cash on the past 2 IVF's and 1 FET in 2010 but considering what we spent I didn't get nearly enough moo la back, oh well, this year - providing we get to start a DE cycle - I'll definitely be getting an accountant to do our taxes next year to maximize our deductions to the fullest.

Tomorrow is our phone consult with ORM - they had to cancel our original consult which was on the 7th and change it to the 5th. Not too bad, at least we didn't have to wait weeks after. I'm super excited, I can't wait to get things going.

Today was my dad's fourth round of chemo and next Monday is his week off. Thank goodness because I think its starting to take a toll on him. He tires more easily now, once a man that did woodworking, walked the dog, and curled all in one day to now maybe doing one of those things. He's doing great considering, or at least I think he is, he doesn't say much about how he feels other then good. I try to help out by bring him and my mom meals as much as I can so that he doesn't have to cook and I try and do other things just to hopefully make things easier on him.

Until tomorrow - or the next day - when I let you all know how the consult went. FX that it all works out at that they feel that I can in fact move forward with DE.
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