Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Had My Phone Consult with ORM Today

Had my phone consult with Dr Hesla and it went really well, he sounds like such a kind and caring man. Also unlike some other places he really tried to make sure that we didn't have to incur any unnecessary extra costs - could be a good thing but could also be a bad thing, I guess we'll see. Basically he was more then comfortable with allowing us to get the tests he required done here in our home town under my benefits so that was really nice.

He said that given my history he would like to do a mock cycle - which I'm totally fine with - just to see how I would respond and if my lining could produce a triple strip with the meds he wants to put me on. He would also like to get a Hysteroscopy and Endometrial Biopsy done (my RE wouldn't do one) just to check things out. The reason for this is because ever since my last two IVF cycles I have had a lot of continual - sorry TMI - brown spotting. They say that people with Endometriosis are more likly to have continual brown spotting but this is crazy! I mean it was crazy before but for F sakes!! I mean I don't even want to be intimate with G becasue it's so very embarrassing.

I also mentioned the noted hydrosalpinx on the first cycle with RFP and he said that he's going to request my HSG tests from the radiology department down here so that he can take a closer look at it for him self. He doesn't think it should be a problem which is good and then with us getting those other tests done I just feel so much better. I will however have to send him an e-mail asking about my TSH levels, I can't help but to think that my lack of weight loss is due to high levels. FX that's all that problem is because I assure you I'm not eating much at all and when I do it's basically cardboard.

I think we also found our donor, YAY!! - quick I know but I've been looking at their data base for the past month. The only problem is that for the past 2 weeks our donor has been in cycle with another couple. Good news though, is that she was a non proven donor and will now - if all goes well - be a proven donor. Bad news, is that she would be considered a proven donor, which costs more money... oh well, the piece of mind is worth it in the end. I just hope that she wants to cycle again considering this will be her first experience with injections and the dreaded egg retriEVIL. I sure won't miss the retrieval this time around but I'll be getting the pain back in the form of the lovely intramuscular progesterone and possible estrogen shots in the ASS... not looking forward to that.


  1. Happy that your consult went really well. It is so important that you have establish a good relationship with your RE and he is open to doing more tests.
    Congratulations on finding your donor, and hopefully she will be available to do a cycle with you once she is done with the couple she is with right now.

  2. Thanks for your cheer on my blog. It's nice to get a consult done...gives so much piece of mind and direction and just feels like it's all going somewhere. Choosing a donor is a big step....happy for you. I'm curious why you picked your clinic over CCRM?

  3. Well I have to say, I truly wanted to go to CCRM but the cost was a lot and my DH wasn't really on board for that. I also chose to go with ORM becuase A) Dr Hesla was a Co-Director at CCRM and basically runs his clinic the same and B) Their stats are quite high for DE as well - 82.2%.

  4. Oh thanks for that....I just assume most clinics in the states cost the same...I guess not.

  5. Hey! I was thinking about you on the 7th (could have sworn you said your phone consult was that day), and meant to leave you a note wishing you luck. Glad things went well and that you found a donor. :)


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