Monday, October 24, 2011

DE IVF #1 - 17dp5dt - 3rd Beta Results

Today my beta results came in at 1237. Dr H again says he's very optimistic, hopefully it's true. He said he wants to continue with my scheduled U/S on November 1st to give us a better idea as to what's going on, so no more beta's for me. Not too sure what to think about that. I'm a little sad but as long as I have you guys I'm sure I'll make it to next Tuesday. :)

I really don't have much for symptoms except very thirsty all the time and quit hungry too.

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Thursday, October 20, 2011

DE IVF #1 - Second Beta at 12dp5dt

Well my Canadian clinic finally got the results today, a whole day after I took the test, and it only came back at 381 so that's only 36% more then my first beta of 278, no doubling here. I'm really sad, I just pray that it goes up a lot next Monday when they want me to test again. I'll keep you posted.

Has something similar happened to anyone here and has it resulted in a pregnancy? I need all the help I can get right now.

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

DE IVF #1 - 10dp5dt beta results

Sorry I couldn't post this sooner but yesterday I got my beta results at 10dp5dt and they were a whopping 278!!! I'm so excited, I've never ever had a positive before. Tomorrow I go for my second beta, I'm just crossing my fingers that it goes up. No symptoms to really speak about except being ridiculously thirsty and super hungry at arounf 5dp5dt. I kind of thought that it may have worked this time but I just couldn't bring myself to believe it and I still can't. I'll feel so much better once we have the ultrasound November 1st. Until tomorrow...

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

DE IVF #1 - After Transfer Update

JSorry it's taken me so long to update you. We got home from Portland on Monday the 10th and had to go straight to my parents place for Canadian Thanksgiving dinner. Then I've been doing laundry from the two weeks we were away. Well enough about that lets get to the good stuff.

On Friday October 7th we transfered two 5 day, grade 4AA blasts. Doctor H said everything looked great and again he's very hopeful. 

Now I just have to wait until Monday October 17th for my beta. As of right now I'm going to try and refrain from POAS but if I cave you'll be the first to know - or well, second I'll have to tell G first. :)

At the end of the day if things don't work out and I pray that it does but if it doesn't we we're blessed with 19 frozen 5 day blasts. I know right, 19 holly crap!! I didn't get the exact grades on them all but the embryologist said they were all very high quality blasts so I'll just go with that for now.

Today I'm 5dp5dt and not too many symptoms to be had other then slight cramping and total dry mouth since 3dp5dt. Google seems to think those are good signs but I guess only time will tell.

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Tuesday, October 4, 2011

DE IVF #1 - Update On Our Eggs

I'm just going to keep this one short because there really isn't much to report until day five - this coming Friday. I'm happy to report that out of the 50 eggs retrieved, 45 were mature and as of this morning - day one - 44 are fertilized. I'm so excited I've got butterflies.

Sunday, October 2, 2011

DE IVF #1 - OMG!!

I'll get to the OMG part in a sec but first, to summarize so far.

We've been in Portland since Tuesday September 27th in hopes that the donor would have the retrieval on Thursday but it ended up that she was responding a little slower then her last cycle which brought her to a retrieval on Sunday (today). So to pass the time we've been shopping a lot and doing a lot of walking in NW Portland - it's so beautiful here.

Friday, G had to give me my Delestrogen shot without the guidance of his mom and he did a great job! Saturday night was my first Progesterone shot - which G also gave me and again did a stellar job! I must say, I really have to hand it to him. He goes from being a guy that's scared of needles to having to give them - not sure if I could even do that. Good job G!!

Today We had to be at ORM for 9:00am so they could do a blood draw for E2 and P4 levels which was 2346 for E2 and 13.3 for P4 - they said that those are good numbers so I guess that's good, I hope - and a sample from G.

About an hour later after we left we got a call from the embryologist saying that they retrieved... drum roll please... 50 yup 5, 0 eggs! I can't believe it!! I'm just so shocked, is that even possible?!?! Her previous 2 cycles she got 43, 46 so I guess it is but WOW is all I have to say. Hopefully things are starting look up for us.

I'll try and up date tomorrow when we get the call with the fertilization report. I pray that we get some good numbers. Please everyone send us some good vibes.

Until tomorrow...

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