Friday, January 17, 2014

DE FET #2 19 Weeks 2 Days

Not much new to report except I've started to show in the last week so it's getting a little harder to hide my belly at work. It's also getting a little harder to dress my new body in my pre-pregnancy clothes, oh well the outcome will be well worth it.
Yesterday I made my first big baby purchase, the Crib, and the dressers and a bookshelf from Capretti Designs. Apparently its very good quality and I sure hope so because the crib is convertable into a toddler bed and then into double bed. The dressers and bookshelf are a very modern design so that it could be used for a long time too.
On Friday January 10, 2014 we went for our Anatomy scan and everything was perfect. Below is a picture from it at 18 weeks 2 days of our little boy.

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