Wednesday, October 12, 2011

DE IVF #1 - After Transfer Update

JSorry it's taken me so long to update you. We got home from Portland on Monday the 10th and had to go straight to my parents place for Canadian Thanksgiving dinner. Then I've been doing laundry from the two weeks we were away. Well enough about that lets get to the good stuff.

On Friday October 7th we transfered two 5 day, grade 4AA blasts. Doctor H said everything looked great and again he's very hopeful. 

Now I just have to wait until Monday October 17th for my beta. As of right now I'm going to try and refrain from POAS but if I cave you'll be the first to know - or well, second I'll have to tell G first. :)

At the end of the day if things don't work out and I pray that it does but if it doesn't we we're blessed with 19 frozen 5 day blasts. I know right, 19 holly crap!! I didn't get the exact grades on them all but the embryologist said they were all very high quality blasts so I'll just go with that for now.

Today I'm 5dp5dt and not too many symptoms to be had other then slight cramping and total dry mouth since 3dp5dt. Google seems to think those are good signs but I guess only time will tell.

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  1. I am 7dp5dt and had 2 5day blastocysts transfered on thursday 6th Oct! My test date is also 17th Oct! Lets hope we both get great news!


    I could never make it through the 2ww without poas.
    You ended up with a great number of embies for future FET - thats great news (but hopefully you wont need to use them for a few years)

  3. Congrats - great news! Can't wait to hear your beta results.

  4. Wowzers! Congrats on the 2 that are transferred and the 19 frozen. That is just amazing! May the next few days go by quickly and your beta on the 17th be great!

  5. Yay!! 19 frozens is amazing! I"m so excited for you. I'm about 4 days behind you and will have my beta on 10/21. Fingers and toes and eyes crossed.

  6. Sounds good! I wish you the best. Keep us posted

  7. That's amazing news! Hoping for an excellent first beta.


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