Monday, April 25, 2011

I'm back!

First off I'm super sorry that I've been MIA for the last little while. I've been totally busy with my dad, work and just life in general.

Dad has been as good as can be, he's still on the chemo and thankfully hasn't lost any more weight since the start of it. He's been fluctuating between 187 to 188 so I'm glad for that, but I have to keep bugging him to eat all the time and at the very least to drink his Ensure - he says that food just doesn't taste the same anymore - I feel so bad for him, he was at 200lbs before all of this. Good news though, or bad, depending on how you look at it; we found out that my dad has his 3 month CT scan booked for May 10th. This should tell us if he has been responding to the chemo thus far. If not, I'm not sure what we'll do but I just pray that it's working.

Now my infertility life...

About a week ago I found out my OR date for the Endo Biopsy and the Hysteroscopy has been booked for May 24th but I'm not too sure that date is going to work. I only say that because this last Monday was my last BCP, so if I do the math, next visit from AF should be around the 24th, 25th of May. That sucks! Now I'll have to call the clinic to get them to reschedule... how long will I have to wait now?!?

On the 22nd I had yet another consult, but this time it was with the donor nurse at ORM. It went really well, it was basically just to go over the things that I needed to get done before my DE cycle begins. Like my pending Hysterocopy and Endo Biopsy, a boat load of blood tests, a pap and a Donor Egg Consult with a Psychologist - which my have to be done there. Dr Hesla also would like to do a Mock Cycle, which I'm OK with just because it gives him an opportunity to see how I'll respond to the meds given the fact that my last FET didn't go to well with all the spotting I had. The nurse also said that she would like us to go down to Oregon for the tail end of the mock cycle so that Dr H can check my lining, do a Doppler U/S to see how blood flow is and to do a trial transfer. It sucks to have to spend the money to get there and to stay in a hotel but its the best thing to do. I've been trying ART for over a year now - referral to my clinic in canada 2 1/2 years ago - so its been a long time and I want to make sure things go well and that we have a good chance with this. So no complaining here, even if I have to stick myself with the intramuscular delestrogen injections... OUCH! Not looking forward to those.

Other news, I found out the donor we have chosen had 23 retrieved, 18 mature, and 13 fertilized with her first cycle ever! That to me is some pretty good numbers but we're still waiting to find out how many made it to day 5 so my opinion could change and so could my donor choice. I think I may just e-mail them tomorrow to see. If all goes well I just have to pray to the goddesses that she wants to cycle 2 more times - one with the next couple in line and then with us so FX that she does.


  1. Good Luck with the mock cycle and fingers crossed for your Dad.

  2. Looks like you've got some work to do! All the best for your prep. And really pulling for your dad...I can't even imagine.


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