Saturday, July 16, 2011

Donor #4176

We FINALLY found our donor and signed the confirmation papers yesterday. I was starting to get really discouraged after our first pick decided to only cycle once and our second pick, who was not proven, never called the clinic back to schedule her baseline - that to me was a no brainier so we just didn't even go there. I think the wait paid off though because I'm super happy to have found this donor.

She is a proven donor who has cycled twice before who just called the clinic to get reactivated on their donor list and she had absolutely phenomenal numbers. Her first cycle produced 43 eggs / 30 embryos / 15 frozen and her second cycle produced 46 eggs / 35 embryos / 17 frozen. I just pray that we get a similar amount when she cycles with us. I think it's about time we caught a break.

Hopefully when I go for my mock cycle lining check and trial transfer this Monday all goes well and we can get things underway with the donor. I'm hopping within the next few months we'll be back in Portland for the real thing. Yayyy!


  1. Wow! I hope your donor produces good numbers and quality for your cycle too!

  2. Sounds awesome! You're right..your wait paid off!

  3. Congrats on finding your donor. I've been doing some research on de and may have some questions for you if we get to that point.

  4. Congrats! THat's a great feeling! Hope that things move along quickly now.


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