Thursday, August 25, 2011

Gettin Things Underway

It's been a long time since I've last posted, but this summer has been super busy. It seems like after we found our donor things have just been cruzin along. Both good and bad.

When we went to Portland July 18th and 19th we got the all clear to go ahead with the donor cycle. The Doppler u/s that I had down there gave me better numbers then the one we had here - doesn't surprise me, they didn't really know what they were doing here. The lining check went great at 9mm and I even had the triple strip that they look for so FX that I get the same, if not better, results when we go there for DE retrieval around the end of September.

Yes that's right, we're going back to Portland that soon!! I'm so happy that I didn't have to wait long to get things underway. I picked up all my meds this week at RFP and also went to Customs - again - so they would release my 2 viles of Delestrogen so now I'm set. I start my Lupron, Prenatal Vitamins, Asprin 81mg and Doxycycline all on August 29th. My last BCP for a total of 32 days is September 2nd. It sure is happening fast, I'm getting so excited!!

Yesterday G and I had to go to his Grandpa's funeral, which was sad but was done beautifully. He was in the police force many many years ago so he go a police escort to the cemetary which was very nice. Both my Mom and Dad came to the funeral. It was a little sad though because after the precession we all went to the reception room and then all of a sudden my Dad started to cry. It caught me so off guard that I asked him why he was crying, to which he answered "it a funeral, people cry" but I think I know why, I think it was because of everything that he's been going through with his cancer. I think it just really hit him hard seeing all those people grieving... it was sad.

Dad's been good this last month after he had the blood transfusion when he went into the hospital July 23rd. His swelling has gone down in the last week and he's now able to fit into his regular shoes, which is nice because all he could get on  his feet were Crocs... I just keep praying everyday that we have a long time with him.

So that's some of it in a nut shell.


  1. Wow! I can't believe your DE cycle is just around the corner. That's very exciting!! That was sad about your Dad crying - must be such a tough road battling what he is - I hope he hangs in there and keeps getting healthier and stronger every day.

  2. Glad your lining looked so great and your DE cycle is so close. Wishing you the best and looking forward to reading more!

    Sorry about your Dad and having to see him cry. There's something about seeing the strongest people we know cry that hurts.

  3. Hey welcome back! Great to see your cycle get so exciting. I wish you the very best! And a BFP!! Sorry to hear about your grandpa and fingers crossed for your dad.

  4. So exciting. We may be having our DE retrieval right around the same time. Yay for cycle buddies. Glad your dad has been feeling a bit better this last month.


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