Tuesday, March 22, 2011

I Can't Believe It!!

I can't believe it, I got home today and checked the mail and there it was, my file from RFP. I only sent the release forms to them on Friday the 18th. Wow, I seriously though that getting my file from them would have been a big struggle because it took them a week to sent a measly 17 illegible pages to ORM via fax.

So I open up the envelope and start reading through my previous IVF cycles. The first page is a letter to my GP that was typed up after our first consult at RFP that stated that a recent ultrasound (u/s) has shown a right Hydrosalpinx... they never mentioned that at our consult!?! As I kept reading it said that "This couple's infertility includes male factor" - is it wrong that I'm secretly happy that it isn't just me? lol Then I keep flipping through the pages and I notice that they didn't include my my chart from cycle one; hmm could that be because they had a question mark on it with the word hydro and they didn't want me to see it?!? Funny because I questioned them on wither or not I may have had a hydro after the first cycle based on what the doctor said at my last u/s before Egg Retrieval (ER) and they denied it. Well lucky me, ORM sent me what they sent them and that page was in there... A holes!! A part of me can't help but think that this could partially be the reason I haven't achieved a BFP yet.

I think what I'm going to do is send the file to ORM in hopes that maybe they can evaluate the entire file and decide wither or not we should do further testing into the hydro. This way I wouldn't be wasting any more time or money on something that won't work because someone couldn't do the proper tests in the first place... Just a little agitated, can ya tell.

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  1. Omg I'm frustrated for you right now over the potential hydro!! I have a friend who had a missed hydro, through the Edmonton clinic. They're reimbursing them cycle fees, at the very least. Glad you got the file though, isn't that a great accomplishment?;)


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