Monday, March 21, 2011

Patiently Waiting

Still patiently waiting for my phone consult, man I wish the time would go by faster, I just really want to get things going.

On Sunday G and I went out for dinner with his parents, it was nice except for the fact that we were talking DE all throughout dinner. See, earlier in the day G went to visit them because he had to ask his mom some questions regarding his health history for ORM and of course he had to tell her about what we were planning on doing. I guess it was nice that they are really taking an interest in it but I really didn't want to consume our evening with something I consume most of my day thinking about.

Got the pass ports sent off today, one job done. Now I have to finish filling out the papers and send them off to ORM. Finally after a week and a half my current clinic got back to ORM and sent them my file but they sure didn't care if they could read it. They faxed it to them and the quality is horrid!! So I call the clinic and asked to get a copy of my file, they said it's going to cost me $25.00 for an admin fee plus 0.30 cents per page which she said would cost me approx $70.00... What the!!! I just finished paying like 30k there and they can't give me a copy of my file... what ever!

Still chugging along in the weight loss department .I'm working out every morning and sticking to 1200 calories a day and I haven't lost any more weight since the last time I reported my 2 lbs weight loss. How sad is that! Week 5 here we come...


  1. I found you!!! Thank you for following my blog!!!
    It is so sad reading about your dad, here is hoping he can beat this thing and hold his great grandchildren in his arms.
    After 5 failed IUIs and 1 failed IVF I was still uneasy about changing clinics, but now, I couldn't bee more happier with the new clinic. I was lucky to get copies of all docs while we were going through the cycle thus avoiding any fees by requesting them all at once. I am considering doing the same thing with the new clinic just in case. Your old clinic is robbing you blind!!!
    Hope your phone consultation goes well and will be following your journey to a BFP!!!

  2. Hey Rosachka!!

    I was hoping that you’d remember me. Thanks for following my blog too!! I’m not the greatest writer and I find it hard to express my feelings but I’m hoping that this blog will get better as time passes.

    Thanks so much for the support; it means the world to me. I’m glad you’re liking your new clinic, what one are you at now?


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