Saturday, March 5, 2011

Long Time Reader, First Time Poster

In 1999 I met the man I was going to marry and start a family with. Much to our dismay it hasn't quite worked out that way. We got to the marriage part but just haven't reached the family part. Prior to all this infertility stuff life was great, we built our first home, moved in and then got our cute little Manchester Terrier all in 2003. All and all life was pretty normal...
and this is where our story begins...

In March 2007 I was diagnosed with stage IV Endometriosis, had surgery, lost my left ovary during the surgery and was told to start TTC as soon as possible.

June 2007, we finally got married after being together for 8 years. It sure did take him long enough to put a ring on it that's for sure.

October 2007, we sold our old home and moved into our new home which we started the building process on in March. The past 7 months had been crazy. I couldn't believe we got through it all in one piece but that was just one of many more to come. What do they say, building a house and getting married are like the number one stressers on a relationship and if you can get through that you can get through anything.

Fast forward to 2011, still nothing in the TTC department.  2 IVF's and 1 FET later with my own eggs, which I might add are very few and far between and the results were negative, negative, negative. So with that said we have come to the decision to move forward using DE.

I'm thinking about going to ORM - Oregon Reproductive Medicine. Right now I think the only thing holding me back is the fear of the unknown. I've done the research and I'm pretty confident in my decision but I just have to get the balls to get the "ball" rolling. Hopefully that will be soon. There could be a little reluctance on my part partially because I'm also dealing with the fact that my dad has been newly diagnoses with cancer which apparently the doctor doesn't think can be cured with Chemo only managed. My dad is my rock, I love him to bits I have no idea how I can do this whole thing without him. I just hope I'll have him around for many more years to come.

OK I hope I haven't bored you all but this is my very first post so be gentle in the comments department.

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