Friday, October 30, 2015

DE FET #3 - 5 Weeks, 4 Days

Today started out to be a very uneventful day. I decided to look back at around this time on my previous successful cycle to try and see if there were any similarities to this cycle, and at the time, there wasn't. Then almost like my DE FET #2 - 21dp5dt post in the body of it, it said that I had started to bleed at 5w4d. That's exactly today. And guess what. I started to bleed and it goes like this.

In the evening, around 5:00pm I had some weird stabbing like pains in my stomach, maybe it could've been gas pains but I wasn't sure so I decided to go to the washroom.  When I wiped there was a fair amount of watery red blood on the toilet paper. Maybe what most people consider spotting but not to me it wasn't.

I started to drink lots of water just in case this was happening because I hadn't drank enough water. Then at around 6:30pm I went to the washroom and it was still there, but it was getting a little lighter in color. The cramping was still there however but more like a dull pain. 

Now at 8:00pm it seems the cramping has pretty much subsided and the bleeding has become a lot less. Though It's kind of hard to tell how much less because I'm also using endometrin suppositories so some of its blood and some of it is the progesterone. Nonetheless I'm pretty sure it's getting lighter, I hope. Could this have been more implantation? 

I pray that everything is ok.

Oh and on the 27th of October I took another pic of the FERR's just to see the progress

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  1. If you are using the progesterone suppositories they can cause wicked cervical irritation, also IVF pregnancies tend to have a higher percentage of subchorionic hematomas which often cause bleeding/spotting.
    Drink lots of water and rest when you can. Good luck!


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