Tuesday, October 13, 2015

DE FET #3 - 4dp5dt

Well I thought I could wait to POAS until Thursday, which would be 6dp5dt but I couldn't, I caved.  Today at 2:30pm I POAS'd and I got a very light positive within the 3 minutes on FRER (not sure if you can really see it in the pic but I assure you, it's really there). 

Yayy! I'm so excited!! It was probably very stupid of me to do it so early but at least now I have a base line as to whether or not it's getting darker. The POAS craziness has already begun. 😜 

I'm not sure if this is just in my head now that I know that I got a positive but since I tested my feeling of nausea and thirst has increased significantly and now - 10:00pm -  I've got a splitting headache. Maybe I just need to drink more water, who knows. G'nite!

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