Friday, October 9, 2015

DE FET #3 - Transfer Day

Today was transfer day!! 

Woke up early today, got ready, then went for a walk to get myself a decaf pumpkin spice latte. That's one beverage   I just have to have come this time of year. 😊
All morning I was waiting for the call as to how my embryos had thawed. 9:00 rolled my 10:00 rolled by, even 11:00. I thought to myself that's either a bad sign or a good sign. When we got to the clinic at 12:30 I met my acupuncturist and we went in to get started on a relaxing session. 

Later in the session the embryologist came in to tell me that they had to thaw 5  embryos but they were able to get 2 really good ones, thank goodness for that!  I now have only 4 left, crossing my fingers that it works. They seem to look good to me but I'm no expert that's for sure and they wouldn't give me the cell survival percent either other then they look great. 

Now I have wait nine days before the beta, but I'm more then likely going to POS before that. I'll keep ya'lll post


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