Sunday, May 22, 2011

Welcome ICLW'ers!!

Hello All!!

This is my first time participating in ICLW and so far it's been great!! I've found a ton of new blogs to follow and I've gained 3 followers so far YAY!! I hope I don't disappoint!

I also love the fact that I've gotten some great responses to the "To Shave, Or Not To Shave, That Is The Question" post, so please keep them coming!! We need to have a little fun while having to go through all this, don't we?!?  On that topic though, I do agree with the waxing, it hurts like b**ch but it lasts way longer.

I just want to send out a BIG thanks for all the support you all have shown me so far wither its for IF stuff or the stuff I'm going through with my dad and his newly diagnosis of unknown primary liver cancer. It's been great to be able to escape here and to chat with people who have gone though similar stuff, though I wouldn't wish it upon anyone, it has been great.

To read more about what I've gone through as far as IF goes you can check out my first post Here or...

In short, I'm a 34 your old with stage 4 endometriosis diagnosed at age 30. Started ART approx a year and a half ago. Check out "Our TTC Journey... So Far" to get a more summarized detail on the cycles we've done so far.

I've tried Acupuncture and taken tons of vitamins and still nothing to show for it. Next steps, G (my hubby) and I have chosen to seek out DE at Oregon Reproduction Medicine with Dr Hesla. FX that this step brings us to our dream of baby.

Happy ICLW Week!!



  1. ICLW

    Dear Hopeful1, you've been through so much - and you have so much to contend with. Take time to soothe yourself and calm your spirit so that you can continue to take care of others.

    All the best.

  2. Welcome to ICLW. And, I hope DEs bring you your longed for baby.

    ICLW #6

  3. Happy ICLW! Wishing you all the best in your upcoming cycle!

  4. Returning a comment for ICLW. This is my first month too! I'm originally from Oregon, so it was great to see the state mentioned in your blog.

    I'm thinking positive thoughts for you and your dad.

  5. Hello...I absolutley love your blog and I've just awarded you a Versatile Blogger Award :) Follow the link below and spread the love to other blogs you love :)

  6. YAY! Welcome. I'm going to start a blog soon...ish..sorry to hear about your father. going through the difficulties of infertility is difficult so this will just be an added speed bump in life. just know that you have a virtual support system here. welcome again and i look forward to following your blog!

  7. Best of luck with the donor eggs, and every step along the way. And hang onto hope as best as you can!


  8. Visiting from ICLW but also your newest follower. I hope DE brings you a baby. Wow, you have been through a lot. That first IVF cycle sounds horrible. Wishing you success and looking forward to following along.

  9. Hmm. blogger just ate my comment.

    Anyway, I found you through ICLW!

    Very sorry to read that you're going through so much, IF and your dad's diagnosis. I'll keep your family in my thoughts and prayers.

    Wishing you much success with donor eggs.

  10. Happy ICLW and welcome to this fab week of love and hugs! IF is one tough journey and you seem to have had a lot on your plate already and I wanted to tell you that there's always hope. One way or another you'll be a mom. Love, Fran

    ICLW #9

  11. Woot ICWL and good luck with your journey!

  12. Hello from ICLW. I hope that DE is successful for you.


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