Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Another Visit?!?

Well, for some reason AF decided to show her ugly face today. This is a good thing because at least - FX it stops - I will be in the Follicular Phase of my cycle when I get the endo biopsy and hesterocopy done, which is what Dr Hesla wanted, but bad for the fact that it's only been 18 days since her last appearance. :( I really wish she would just get back on track again... damn IVF!

Yesterday my dad had his CT so I'm hoping that we should hear something in a few days and if not then for sure by next Monday when he goes in for another chemo session. He says he's been feeling better and he's even feeling hopeful that it is working so I'm hoping that's a good sign. Also when I saw him on Sunday he looked way better, he even had some color in his cheeks YAYY!!

Monday we went to get our blood tests done, so that's a few more things checked off of our list for ORM. Now I just need a donor...

The following is a list of the tests that we had to have done.

My Blood Tests
*Hepatitis B surface antigen
*Hepatitis C antibody
*RPR (syphilis)
*HIV (AIDS) 1 & 2
*Rubella IgG
*Varicella IgG
*ABO/Rh blood type
*Rh antibody screen

G's Blood Tests
*Hepatitis B surface antigen
*Hepatitis C antibody
*RPR (Syphilis)
*Cystic Fibrosis panel

When we got to the lab there really wasn't many people there so we didn't really have to wait too long which was nice for a change. First I got called then sometime when I was getting my blood drawn G got called.
It was so funny, he came out of the room waaaayyy after me which I found weird but figured he must have went in way after me - even though there wasn't anyone else in the waiting room?!?

He looked a little perplexed when he came out so I'm thinking something must have happened back there. When we got out of the Lab Services place I asked if something happened, well, well, well, first off he said that they  poked and poked and fished and fished until they finally got a vein - I'm sure we all know how that feels, right ladies!?!? Then he said that they had to fill 4 HUGE vials - over exaggeration I'm sure and did you see my list of tests compared to his. Then to top off his traumatizing experience he said that the blood was flowing out super slow and that's why it took so long. Men... such little babies. LOL but it did kind of make my day though, is that wrong :)


  1. So true - men are such babies...if they only had to go through 5% of what we do with this whole process!

  2. Agree with the above poster. Hope your testing goes well.

  3. lol but what would we do without them... :) Thanks so much for all your guys support, it means a lot.


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