Saturday, June 16, 2012

Visited The Cullen's House From The Twilight Saga

Yaaayy!! I can't believe it, I found out that the Cullen house they used in The Twilight Saga was right here in Portland and just 1.6 miles from where we're staying too! As for the reason I came here, no real symptoms other then being very very thirsty again and slight dizziness but I am only 5dp5dt today. I'm going to try hard not to POAS this time. At the very least I may do one on the day of my beta which is on the 20th, so next Wednesday. I pray so hard that this works.


  1. Cool find! Good Luck on this cycle.

  2. Hello I am a clearance coordinator for an upcoming show and we are interested in using your photo in an upcoming segment. Please contact me at any time to talk about licensing.



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