Saturday, June 30, 2012

Appt with ORM and RFP

Sorry this is a long post....

I had my WTF appt with Dr H at ORM on Monday of this past week. It went ok. I found out that the embryos they transferred only had a 50% cell survival. I'm kind of pissed that I wasn't told earlier, like when I asked the embryologist how they were and she just said ok and that we don't grade them. Now I know that's not grading and maybe I should have been more specific when I asked but I mean seriously! It just makes me mad that they didn't call me the morning of the transfer to tell me the status of the embryos and I would have told them to thaw more to get a higher quality embryo. It's not like I'm rich and I live in Portland, I do have to travel and have that extra added expense on top of a very expensive procedure. I mean seriously, when is this bad luck of mine going to end!!!

Dr H wasn't sure why the embryos didn't thaw well. He said it was very unusual because we had such high quality blasts before the freeze so he was going to talk to the head of the embryology department. Not sure what will come of that and I'm pretty sure that if they did find out something - like if they screwed up the freezing or the thawing process - they wouldn't be telling me anyway. See what I mean, bad luck!!

I was really wanting to try intralipids and thankfully Dr H said ok but only proving Dr W at RFP was ok prescribing it. So I had to make an appointment and thankfully there was a cancellation and we got in to see him on Thursday of this last week.

----------------------------------------Appointment with RFP-------------------------------------------

The appointment sucked! No intralipids for me. Dr W doesn't feel comfortable prescribing them to me for fear that something could go wrong and then it would have been his fault - I completely understand but it just utterly sucks!!! He also would have no case as to why he used them on me because there is no proven study they actually work and apparently people wouldn't be happy because basically he would be using me as a guinea pig and that is unethical practice - again I totally understand. So it's a big fat NO!

I'm so lost right now, I've done - I think - all the proper immune tests and they've all come back fine so really at the end of the day I guess the intralipids wouldn't really be warranted. And according to Dr W intralipids aren't that safe. They could cause kidney damage or even hepatitis so I guess its really not a good idea. It's just I've seen so many other women use them and then they get pregnant.

So I guess it's alternative medicine for me. I went to my acupuncturist yesterday and she told me about Wobenzym so I'm going to start taking that - its suppose to help with blood flow and balance the immune system. Then she referred me another acupuncturist that does a bio meridian test which shows what my body is lacking and having too much of as far as vitamins and minerals go. It will also say what I need to stay away from as far as food. This could be very helpful as I know some foods could cause people with endometriosis inflammation so maybe if I can basically see for my own eyes the food that I shouldn't be eating - basically the Endo diet I'm sure - then maybe I'd be more inclined to adapt this way of eating before my next FET. The only problem is that appointment isn't until July 28th.

I guess we'll see how things go. In the meantime I'm just trying to pick my feet up from and try and get healthy for my next FET, which I have no clue when it will be.

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  1. How frustrating - especially that they didn't tell you about the 50% cell survival of your embryo. I recently finished a three week cleanse meant to help with inflammation and I felt so much better after - lots of aches and pains disappeared while on the cleanse. I hope you find something that works for you.


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