Monday, June 11, 2012

DE FET #1 - Transfer Day

Transfer was at 1:15 day but we had to show up an hour before so I could get acupuncture, which was really nice and relaxing. I need that.

During acupuncture the embryologist came in to say that they had to thaw 4 embryo's to get two good ones. Which kind of sucks but we had 19 to choose from so I can't really complain. Then I kind of sensed that the embryo's weren't as good as they could be so I asked her again if the quality was good and, long story short, she said she'll thaw a few more.

That made me feel a little uneasy but at least she decided to see if she could get better ones. Now we're down to 14 but I ended up asking if we could transfer 3 - only because the quality really wasn't there - and they agreed. I hope I made the right decision, I'm just so scared because the last time we transferred 2 high quality blasts, only one took but then ended up as a blighted ovum or a missed miscarriage.

Other then that, the transfer went very well, according to Dr H. Now all I can do is wait and leave it up to the big guy.


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