Tuesday, June 19, 2012

DE FET #1 - 8dp5dt

Well I caved, I just couldn't take it anymore. Its Tuesday 5:35am MST and I POAS'd. Do you see the second line? (I hope the pic worked, I used the blogger app) It's not totally dark but it's there. I'm so so so excited!!!

I just pray that my dad is looking down on us and that this one will hang around and my betas double accordingly. Please please please!!!

My beta is tomorrow so hopefully I'll be able to post my number then.

Symptoms thus far: thirsty, slight headache, slight dizziness, hungry oh and gassy :)


  1. Congrats - def a second line!

  2. I also can see the second line! Congratulations!!!

  3. I definitely see the second line! Congrats! I hope you betas come back great!

  4. No denying it!!! I'm over the moon for you. Congrats!!! Here's to a nice strong beta and an uneventful pregnancy.


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