Saturday, May 14, 2016

DE FET #3 - 36 weeks, 2 days

Its been a crazy last few weeks. I've been more swollen and my blood pressure has been going up so they put me on blood pressure meds and started me on an in home antenatal care program. I was hoping I could have these babies at 36 weeks the latest but because my platelets are so low they put me on prednisone to try to get them higher so is can have a spinal during my c section. The prednisone initially worked and they went up to 73 then 7 days later it went down to 62 so now I'm having to do IVIG to get them back up, which will takes like 8 hours. So now it looks like I'll be having them on my scheduled c section date of June 2. I guess it's not a bad thing but man my stomach is hurting so bad because I can feel it stretching. These babies are big. I sure hope this works. 


  1. Your twins should be here by now. No doubt, you are a super busy Mom! Please let us know how you are settling in when you can. :)

  2. Thanks for checking in Maya, I just posted the arrival of our twins post.


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