Monday, October 21, 2013

DE FET # 2 - 6 weeks 5 days Ultrasound

Today we went for our 6 week 5 day ultrasound and I'm happy to report that they saw a yolk sac, fetal pole and a heartbeat that read 133. The gestational sac measured in at 15.7mm and the CRL is 6.2mm. So it's measuring in at 6 weeks 2 days, I really hope that's not a problem, the only thing that's making me believe that all is ok is the fact that the heartbeat is so strong. I'm so happy that we've gotten to this point, I just pray that it sticks around.  

There was also another gestational sac but nothing was seen in it and it was measuring 16.0mm, so bigger than the other one. Not sure what went on there. Oh well I'm just happy we have one. 

My progesterone is at 44.3, estrogen is at 1622 (us units) and TSH is 2.54. 

Now I'm just waiting to hear from ORM to see what's next. I'm assuming they will up my thyroid meds but I'm super excited to find out when we go for another U/S. 

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