Wednesday, December 18, 2013

DE FET #2 - 15 Weeks

After my bleeding scare on November 30th I had another scare on Thursday December 5th for which I ended up at my GPs office so they could use their Doppler to make sure baby was fine and thank gawd the little bean was with a HB of 158. 

Then on Saturday December 7th I had another bleeding spell but not nearly as bad as the past two so I just ended up taking it easy. 

No ever since the last bleed I've been having brown spotting, which I hate!

So after the three bouts of bleeding I decided to buy a Doppler, which thankfully has been delivered today. As soon as I got home I unpacked it and tried it out. I'm so greatful that we heard the heartbeat again. It took a little bit to find it but once we did it came in at 148 which I hope is good. I'm going to try my hardest not to use it any more then once a week. ;)

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