Sunday, December 1, 2013

DE FET #2 - 12 Weeks

On Wednesday November 27th we our NT scan and it went perfectly. They said everything, including my blood results were beyond great. I was so relieved.

But then yesterday, November 30th, I was feeling kind of off so I went to lie down and I had a gush of fluid. I figured it was just the progesterone suppositories but I went to the bathroom it was light to dark red. My stomach just dropped. The only thing I kept thinking was it has to be ok because I didn't have  any cramping but rather then take any chances we decided to go to Emergency. After a long wait we finally got to see baby and thankfully we saw the heartbeat. Both G and I were so relieved. I know this kind of thing happens it's just so scary I pray that this doesn't happen again but the likely hood is slim I'm sure. 

This morning the bleeding has finally stopped so I'm just going to take it easy and I may even stay home from work tomorrow, I just don't want to chance anything. See the days leading up to all this I wasn't as tired and was starting to feel really comfortable so I started to do more things, maybe I pushed it too far. :(

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